Happy Tails Pet Adoption Follow Up

“Stories from Home”

Nothing is more satisfying than to hear from happy adopters!  If pets could type, we are certain that we would hear these stories from them, but since that isn’t paws-ible, we are pleased to post these pet adoption follow-up messages from their adoptive parents.

Smitty – Five Years Later


Five years ago I adopted a small dog you called “Smitty” in September 2007. I can’t tell you how much love and joy he has brought our family over the years!

Merry Christmas!
Kelly Harris

Jessie – The Charmer!


Meet sweet Jessie, a rough coat Jack Russell Terrier and her adopted Mom, MaryAnn.  MaryAnn and Jessie stopped by the adoption center for a holiday visit and Jessie entertained staff by performing a variety of tricks at the front desk.  Not only is Jessie a charmer but she is her mom’s constant companion and loves to travel with her in the car.

Koda – Four Years Later!

Just wanted to give you all an update on Koda the Chow mix. It has been four years since we adopted him and he is doing very well. Koda loves hiking, chasing squirrels, the dog park, bones and belly rubs. He is now a pro on a leash but still doesn’t like the postman and he recently got a lab little brother who he loves (most of the time). We love him very much and he has made us life long advocates for pet adoption. Thank you for the work you do!

Marea Hudoba
Dec. 2012

Elmo Celebrates 4th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Elmo!  Elmo, a Basset Hound who was adopted from the Humane Society in 2009, recently celebrated his 4th birthday complete with cake and a birthday gift.  Weighing in at 70 pounds, Elmo has plenty of love to share with his adopted family who adores him.

Alena, aka Kyah stopped by for a visit

Adoption Follow Up – Look who came to visit!  Sweet puppy Alena, aka Kyah stopped by.  Although she is very bonded to the entire family, we’re told she is a  “daddy’s dog” and loves to chase birds.

Adoption Follow Up from the Humane Society


Former Adopter Visits with Canine Companion

It’s always a fun day when former adopters stop by the adoption center to show us how well their furry canine is doing. Yesterday, Kent, stopped by the adoption center with Rush to visit and show everyone how healthy and happy Rush is.  Rush is celebrating his first birthday next month and the two have been spending all of their time together this summer.

Way to go Kent – it’s very obvious that the two of you are best friends!  Thank you for the warm fuzzy feeling.


Benson and Wilson

Happy Cat Adoption
Piccolo (who we call Benson or Bennie) has been with us a week now.  I thought you might like to see how he’s doing in this picture of him and his big brother, Winston.  Looks like all is going to be good!  I hope his sister went to a good home too.



Happy Cat Adoption, Tiger 2012


Hi! Tiger continues to be THE sweetest boy & fits right in with everyone. He’s my new shadow, chirpy, playful & just wants to cuddle . So glad he is with us 🙂

Thanks again!  Dru

 Tally and Tabitha

Tally and Tabitha

Hi,  We want to show you Tally and Tabitha, (we call them Mittens and Cali), they are getting so big and are the best kittens. Tabitha, the torti, keeps getting lighter colored with more orange and less black. Tally is a little terror, she torments our older cat. They play all day long and have kept us entertained watching them.


Deb and Greg


Hello all!

Greetings from Seattle and Amy and Gypsie! It’s been 9 mos. since my visit to your shelter, and Gypsie (now renamed Rosey) and I are doing quite well. She has adapted to big city life pretty well (although she loved a recent trip back to visit family in Augusta & Missoula) and we’ve moved from our apartment into a house with a yard, which she loves. Rosey’s favorite things include: trips to the dog store, going for hikes, chasing tennis balls at our local parks and schoolyards, going running around Greenlake, and just dozing in the sun at home.

Happy Adoption - Rosey

Just wanted to let you know how we’re all doing, and that Rosey is a smart, sweet lovable girl, who, although crazy about her tennis balls, is otherwise just an awesome dog.

Take care,

Amy & Rosey

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