Corporate Sponsors

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PETCO and the Humane Society

The local PETCO store here in Kalispell has been a friend and partner for years and has helped us with adoptions and pet promotions over the years. This video shows us cutting the ribbon at the re-opening of the remodeled store.

PETCO Foundation

Recently, the PETCO Foundation awarded us with a grant allowing us to replace our 30 year old ‘Mobile Pet Adoption Center‘. When we obtain the new unit, we will remodel the interior so that it is suitable for a multiplicity of animal related tasks. Flathead residents will notice the new Beagle during “National Adoption Weekends” at the newly remodeled Store in Kalispell, serving as both a magnet to the store and as an exciting venue for adoptions and public awareness.

This short video shows staff and volunteers receiving the check from the foundation.  Further details about the grant award are outlined in our press release.

The Humane Society is always in need of corporate sponsors that understand the benefits our community receives as a result of our efforts to help homeless pets. If you as an individual or your company can help us in any way we welcome your involvement. The demands of caring for homeless animals and finding them a ‘forever home’ never goes away. This is important because we help those who cannot speak for themselves. Please call our office, email or donate here.