Puppy Sponsors

In 2013, the Humane Society had driven the tires off its original transportation van and was in need of a new vehicle. Fortunately, generous Foundations answered the call and a gently used van, now known as “the Puppy” was purchased and wrapped. Our fuel-efficient utility van, “the Puppy,” is generally used for tasks and activities that support “day-to-day” operations and are vital to “adoption preparation”. The Puppy is used in daily to transport animals to and from veterinary appointments, to make twice day trips to Petco and PetSmart so that we can care for our off-site cats, to transport staff and volunteers to local businesses and schools, and to shop for adoption center supplies. At the end of the day, our Puppy is all work and no play.

In appreciation to our Puppy Sponsors, we say, “Thank you for your support and for helping to grease the wheels for homeless pets in pursuit of loving families!”
Petco Foundation Plum Creek