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How you can help the Humane Society

The Humane Society of NW Montana is a ‘No-Kill’ adoption center funded solely by the communities we serve.  We depend on the kindness of wonderful friends like you because we receive no tax dollars or government funding of any kind.  Most people are surprised to learn that we also receive no support from the Humane Society of the United States. Donate to the Humane Society here!

Why we need your support

Your gift will help offset the cost of spaying, neutering and caring for all those innocent homeless pets awaiting adoption. In tough economic times like these, we have increased demand to re-home pets whose families have no choice but to surrender them. Can we count on you for a gift to help us continue this important work? Donate here.

Who we help

We rescue homeless pets as we did last year when dozens of kittens were discovered living at the Flathead County landfill. People surrender pets they can no longer afford to feed and sometimes we find them abandoned at our facility.

Abandoned dog at the Humane Society

Abandoned dog tied to a tree at the Humane Society on a cold winter night.

We found Blue waiting for us one cold winter morning tied to a tree in front of our building.  His leash was entangled in such a way that he couldn’t reach his frozen water bowl. Confused and fearful, Blue was reluctant to let staff get close to him. However, hunger and exhaustion won out as we gently slipped a leash over his head and quietly took him inside the adoption center.

We later learned that his owner was homeless and couldn’t afford to feed his dog. He reasoned that leaving Blue at the Humane Society was his only option to save Blue’s life.

Fortunately, a local KAJ-TV News Reporter who heard of Blue’s plight presented his story on the evening news and days later Blue was adopted by a caring family. He finally found a permanent place to call home.

Unfortunately, Blue’s story is not that uncommon. Dogs tied to our fence or a litter of kittens abandoned in a cardboard box don’t typically get the publicity that Blue received. Because homeless animals are helpless, there are some things animals depend on us to do. We could not accomplish those things without the help of wonderful people like you.

At the Humane Society of Northwest Montana, the patter of little paws has never been louder. If you cannot adopt a pet right now, please find it in your heart to…

Donate to the Humane Society