Husky Rescue Follow-Up

Husky Dog PetraTo everyone who remembers the husky-mix dogs who were rescued by Flathead County Animal Wardens last summer, listen up!  Eleven huskies remain at the Flathead County Animal Shelter and they are ready for adoption.  Although the dogs are housed at the county shelter located at 225 Cemetery Road in Kalispell, Birdsong Siberian Husky Rescue located in Idaho Falls, Idaho will be in charge of the adoption process.

Listed below are the names and a brief description of each of the huskies who deserve a second chance and a loving home.

Buck – a fairly large shy male who is considered good on lead and easily managed.  Buck has been living with an alpha female without any problems.

Yoti – an alpha female who is enthusiastically friendly

Morgan – a small male who is very shy but coming along and seems to really appreciate/need social interaction with some of the other huskies

Sunshine – a somewhat shy alpha female who is very curious and smart

Spicoli – a shy beta male who needs more socialization

Bright Star – a shy beta female who needs more socialization

London – an alpha male who is very friendly with people

Petra – a mildly alpha female who needs more socialization

Damian – an alpha male who needs more socialization

Elvira – an overweight beta female who loves people

Pete – a shy beta male who is full of energy and has a great personality

If you would like more information on the available husky dogs, please refer to Birdsong Siberian Husky Rescue’s Facebook page,, or contact the Flathead County Animal Shelter at 752-1310.

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